Hey guys! My name is Pavithra Acharya. I’m here for the love of fashion and all things pretty. I’m a
freelancing IT professional by day, but I feel I was born to be in the fashion field. I love dressing up and assembling stuff to wear from head to toe. Which is why my friends have always encouraged me to start a blog. The dream is to become a stylist.  So here I am, trying to make my dreams come true and jumpstarting my dream career. This blog is inspired by Coco Chanel. Also because it is a little twisted and so am I. So that explains the name of the blog. :)

This blog is a small attempt by me to talk about fashion, beauty, travel, what is trending, whats not etc. You can see I also ask my friends to do some occasional photo shoots when I get something new to try on. Besides that, I love cooking and eating which is why I am how I am. I always think that size is never an issue, it is about how you carry yourself. Don't you think so ladies?  :) I live in Udupi/ Manipal, it is a small city in southern coast of India. And I’m travelling up Bangalore, Bombay and Chennai every other month to keep myself updated about everything.

I’m also in a love/hate relationship with diet and fitness. They say that it is not about who you are, but what you wear. That is exactly what I think. Hope you like my blog! Please do take a look! I’m always welcoming feedbacks and opinion, so feel free to reach me through comments or my email address: pavitra.acharya@gmail.com. I'm also available on Instagram: thetwistedcoco and on www.facebook.com/twistedcoco. Thanks for checking my blog! Much love,