Holidaying in Pondicherry at Le Dupleix and The Promenade

Entrance of Le Dupleix
Ever since I moved to Chennai, driving to Pondicherry has been my favorite mini getaway. I'd kill for a good ol French Baguette, and if you are someone who loves French and continental food, Pondicherry is a must visit. When the French left, they did leave behind beautiful French buildings most of which are now mostly govt buildings or converted to restaurants and hotels. If you are looking for a calm getaway with your girlfriends or family, then Pondicherry is the right place for you. It is mellow and laid back and so unlike commercialized beach cities around the south. I have to warn you though, about the heat during the summer season. So carry a lot of sunscreens and wear light clothes while you are packing to Pondy. So during my holiday this season, I stayed at two hotels. Le Dupleix which is a colonial heritage hotel and The Promenade, a beachside hotel both owned by Hidesign both situated in the White Town area of the city.
Walking from my room to the restaurant below at Le Dupleix

Courtyard Restaurant - Le Dupleix
View from my room - Le Dupleix 
Balcony from my room - Le Dupleix

Courtyard Restaurant - Le Dupleix

If you want to experience a mix of French and Indian style, have good food and walk around to nearby restaurants then Le Dupleix is the right place for you. Le Dupleix was previously the home to the Mayor back in the 1800s, it was built by excellent architectural geniuses of that century and it was minimally renovated to add a touch of contemporary. The hotel strongly stands to represent the merging of traditional Tamil culture and colonial heritage, also goes the same with food. The Menu is diverse ( Indian, Continental and French cuisine) but do try all the dishes which are Indian with a French Twist ( listed on the first page of the Restaurant Menu) and you won't be disappointed. I also had the most homely Pasta Arrabiatta which is my favorite kind of comfort food. There are so many cute corners around the Hotel. You will often bump into a swing or lounge set up on the way up the stairs. I couldn't help myself from posing around them.
Beach Entrance - The Promenade

The room was so well done with wood and frosted glass. The ceiling had traditional floral carvings and the common balcony had a lot of beautiful wooden pillars along the pathway. The hotel has an outdoor restaurant( The Courtyard Restaurant) and an Indoor Lounge Bar( The Governers Lounge Bar) which is pretty crowded during the summers. The Lounge Bar makes you feel you are in an old French Bar in a good way. The outdoor seating makes a perfect place for candlelight dinners on cooler days. I enjoyed the quiet surroundings and the Villa entirely. Le Dupleix room prices range from Rs.5000 to Rs.12000 depending on the type of rooms and food. I shall definitely be coming back here soon.  I am adding a few pictures here, take a look at my Pondicherry highlights on Instagram for more.
View from the room - The Promenade

Bay Of Buddha -  The Promenade

By the Pool at The Promenade

Blueline Restaurant - The Promenade

The next hotel we stayed at was The Promenade. The Promenade is more of a beachside unwind and relax resort hotel. Perfect for families with kids as well. Most of the balconies and windows are sea facing. Do wake up early to get a view of the beautiful sun rising underneath the blue waters of the Bay of Bengal. The Promenade has Four Restaurants/Bars. One of which is pan-Asian and is my favorite ( Bay Of Buddha ). Bay Of Buddha is a rooftop Restaurant serving some of tastiest oriental food!  The BlueLine restaurant where the breakfast is served has a diverse variety of food, the chef himself comes and addresses every table and see that the food is catered according to your needs. Must say, I had some of my most delicious lunches and dinners in these two restaurants. Both the restaurants come with outdoor seating as well with the view of the beach. The Storyteller Bar serves amazing cocktails and great tit-bits along with a fully-fledged food menu. They have Ladies Nights, Live Jams, Happy Hours and other offers constantly going on every other day. Easily the most classy bar in Pondicherry. The sea facing rooms at the Promenade are around Rs.10,000. However, the non-sea facing rooms are a bit cheaper.
Storyteller Bar - The Promenade

Room - The Promenade
Blueline Restaurant - The Promenade
Summer is off-season in Pondicherry so you will be able to book rooms at both these places at discounted rates as well. I'd like to give you one more tip, please do not follow Zomato suggestions and visit any restaurants and cafes. They suggest you the most commercial ones, the hidden gems are found when you walk around White Town ( which is a must do, if you love French architecture ) or you can ask the hotel for Pondicherry magazines which hold a list of places you can eat or shop at. I can also give you a list of places you eat at. If you are interested to know, do mail me. PS : I have more pictures of the stay pinned in the highlights section of my Instagram page. Thanks for reading. Hope this article helps you before planning a trip to Pondicherry. Happy Holidays!!



  1. Pranesh MutalikdesaiApril 30, 2019 at 1:32 AM

    That was a really nice information about Pondicherry and the Prominent Hotels to stay there.

    But you did not specify the expenses part.

    Good Info. Would want to visit this place during a long vacation with Family.


    1. Hello,

      Thank you for the feedback. I shall update the post with the prices. Le Dupleix prices range from Rs.5000 to Rs.12000 depending on the type of rooms and food. The sea facing rooms at the Promenade are around Rs.10,000. However, the non-sea facing rooms are a bit cheaper.

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