Jewelry File with New Novelty Jewellers

Back again with another jewelry collaboration. If you notice, most of my collaborations were done with jewelry lines. It would be a shame if I didn't do it with the one where most of my jewelry comes from. So here I am, introducing *drumrolls* "New Novelty Jewellers", an exclusive gold and jewelry store established back in 1985, in Udupi. I am not overselling the store, but frankly speaking, I have seen so many huge stores and multiple designs of traditional Indian antique and diamond jewelry, but nothing seems better than the kind of designs I have seen back in the store ( excluding luxury designers who give lesser importance to resale value ). But for most of us Indians, buying gold and diamonds is like an investment because the value of gold and diamonds have increased exponentially in time. It is as good as buying properties if you ask me. As a woman who loves to shop, investment and the urge to shop can be completely at the same time.
When you buy gold jewelry, a lot of things have to be kept in mind. First things first, the wax in temple jewelry: Most of these olden temple jewelry and kundan designs are made to set over a wax base inside them, and in almost all cases, the weight of the wax is priced almost the same as gold. So if you want to avoid paying for the wax, make sure to purchase jewelry that has minimum wax. You can always ask the store about the amount of wax in the piece of jewelry that you are interested in. But if you are looking for one of a kind pieces which you never intend to resale, then it is ok to invest in them despite the high wax content. The second thing is to see that your jewelry items have lesser making charge added on them, the more intricate the designs, the more the charge would be like. Making charge for gold jewelry ranges from 15-25%. Antiques are always in the higher end. Diamond items range up to 40%. The third rule is always to purchase gold with a purity of 91.6 or above. 91.6 is the universal level of approved purity by the association of gold in India. Anything lesser means more copper and less golf. The purer the gold, the softer it is. Hence making it harder to make jewelry in it. The purity hallmark is imprinted on the gold normally at the back and normally says 916, along with the BIS logo and the retailers' logo. Hope this information comes handy to you guys if you hadn't known about it already. Signing off.

PS : Anyone interested in purchasing these items can contact New Novelty through their Facebook page or Instagram page or directly visit them.

Outfit Details :

Saree : Palam Silks
Blue Dress : Zara
Photography by Rakshith Acharya


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