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Hello Lovers! Today, I am going to be addressing the issues we face while trying to reuse existing outfits in our wardrobes. To avoid overcrowding our wardrobes, one tip would be to never follow trends. I strongly believe this because trends are a scam created by clothing designers and brands for tricking people into buying clothes often. For example, last season we had the cold shoulder trend going on all crazy and now since that was an overdose and so passé, I can't even get myself to wear a casual white off-shoulder top currently.  This is the reason I suggest to never incorporate trends, although new season trends seem shiny and tempting, it is a temporary star. Instead, invest in things like a simple white shirt, a denim midi skirt or corduroy pants. These can be styled in different ways and can be worn forever if preserved well.  You can also invest in seasonal colors, but seasonal styles are never a good idea.

The styling done in this blog post is the reason why I am talking about investing in classics. Here, I am wearing a plain pink T-shirt dress which was a buy from last season. But T-shirt dresses are evergreen. You can wear it in a million different ways, like when you step out to quickly buy some groceries. If you get absolutely bored of it, you can even use it as home wear or maternity wear. That's how useful this can be. Over this pink shirt dress, I am wearing a bodycon pink cotton lycra skirt which I bought at least 5 years ago. Being bored of wearing the skirt in the same style, I decided to try something new by wearing the skirt as a part of the dress. I just added some accessories to add some dimension to the outfit and voila! It was a success ( I'd like to think so). I would like to know what you what you think about this styling and please do drop in ideas for future restyling as I would love to experiment anything. Signing off guys. Scroll down for outfit details and the best of the pictures from this series.

 Outfit Details : 

T-shirt dress: Zara
Skirt: Chemistry
Hologram Booties: Asos
Earrings: Deepa Gurnani
Sunglasses: Forever 21
Photography by Rakshith Acharya


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