Creative Director - In Mi Vida

Hello, Lovelies! Just a quick update before the month ends. I figured that I haven't done a personal style post in a long time. So here I am, doing what I do best, for real. Pairing a cash T-shirt with a formal skirt ( I think I mix it a lot), coz casual is too casual for me. And well, we aren't going to work with formals now, are we?  So I can classify this look into a semi-casual look. You can call it a smart casual if you wear court shoes or chuck the headband.

I am wearing this T-shirt from Zara, this post is dedicated to the slogan in the T-shirt. I loved it so much that I picked the top up. Btw, the top is on sale at Zara. "Creative Director In Mi Vida" that is "Creative director of my life", we all are one aren't we? We make up our own rules, we write our own stories, we do not let anyone else do it for us! Coz no one else can do it better. It is clear when you try to copy, you are not yourself. The fame and love you gain from it will never last, and deep down you are not self-satisfied. So even if you are a bad painter, paint, but do not copy, I mean metaphorically of course. 

The skirt is an old pick from Zara too. Sometimes I feel like I am a walking mannequin(a fat one) of Zara, but they make the best rip-offs of Luxury brands Haute couture and let's admit it, they sometimes do it better! Well, Rip off is a strong word, rather call it being inspired? ;) , so its safe to say that Zara is one of the most creative high street brands.

I paired my brown wedges with this outfit which matches my bag and wore big hoops which are oh-so-trendy right now. I am also obsessing over this headband! I think it would look prettier with a different color and print.Black may be too plain, but it is a good choice when you want to experiment, yet want to play it safe. I am wearing Boujee by Kylie on my lips which is a deepened rich red. I prefer this red to the brights, since it makes to more wearable on a  daily basis.

Outfit details : 

T-shirt: Zara
Skirt: Zara (Similar here)
Shoes: Charles and Keith
Bag: Gucci
Headband: Zara(Similar here)
Hoops: H&M
Lips:: Boujee by Kylie
Photography by Rahul Rio

What did you think of this look? I love dressing up for myself. It is more like a stress buster than anything else. Rahul Rio has clicked some brilliant shots here. Take a look and lemme know what you think. 
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