Coco x Unnati Silks

Happy New Year! Every year, we have been coming up with new year resolutions and giving up on them within a month, so this year I decided to follow none. Instead, build a lot of positivity and just keep and learning and growing every day. 

This post is dedicated to Unnati Silks, Unnati Silks have been working in the field of Indian Handlooms since 1980. Unnati is the most reputed Handloom Brand on Amazon and Myntra. They specialize in crafting beautiful handloom sarees, salwar kameez, kurtas & more. Unnati Silks is a saga of 'HANDLOOMS FOR WOMEN' that began in 1980. Three decades hence it has transformed from a single shop entity to become a family enterprise with extended arms and global operations.Having a product range that is as varied as it is vast, handwoven and handcrafted, the devotion and dedication of talented ethnic artisans from across 21 states of India come through in the products on display. Having the Handloom Mark and Silk Mark for most of its products, Unnati's customers are assured a legitimate backing too, despite being guaranteed original handloom products from the start.

 I am wearing a Green Ajrakh Saree from their Ajrakh collectionOne of the most ancient in the traditional art of printing on fabrics, Ajrak prints are a distinguishable form of woodblock printing that seems to find its roots or influences in the Indus Valley Civilization. Ajrak printing is wooden hand block printing that involves exquisite designs etched in the wooden block, the difference suggested in the name from the extensive use of the predominant color Ajrak, from the Arabic word Azrak, meaning ‘indigo’ or ‘blue’. The design block is dipped in dye and the designs neatly printed on cotton & silk fabrics. Traditional colors of Ajrak prints were deep, intense and represented qualities of Nature. e.g. crimson red for earth, indigo blue for twilight etc. Black and white were used sparingly and only to outline motifs and give definition. It started with colors from elements in nature, like indigo or blue from the indigo plant, red from alizarin found in roots of madder plants, black from iron shavings, molasses and millet flour with the addition of tamarind seeds to thicken the color or dye. Today with the availability of these naturally found substances not sufficient to meet the
demand, synthetic, eco-friendly dyes are in use. Traditional motifs passed down from generations have kept the elements of nature like stars, flowers, leaves etc. still alive today but included some new ones as well. The trefoil or three leaved graphic design that symbolizes the unification of three states of matter, the sun, water and earth have been found in architecture, religious symbols and heraldic emblems and with a modern version in the universal recycling symbol. All motifs in Ajrak printing are built around a central point and repeated across the fabric in a grid-like manner. Thus a
design of horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines make up beautiful intended designs. A variety of Ajrakh sarees are available in Unnati Silks in the link here.

I lined my eyes with some kajal and smudged it all over and applied some fake eyelashes. You can see that I haven't done a great job with it. But honestly, this is just my second attempt at doing so. Promise to get better. My lips were left bare with just a bit of a tinted lip balm. I am wearing a nose ring from Plush Chennai and a vintage neck piece, I think I picked that up from Asos years ago.

Outfit Details:

Saree : Unnati Silks
Nose Pin : Plush Chennai 
Necklace : Asos
Photography by Rakshith Acharya
Hope you liked my first post of 2018. I hope to get better posts and new meaningful collaborations like these into my blog posts. Have a great year ahead. I will be back with a new post soon. Until then, Stay stylish.


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