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Hey Guys! It is my pleasure to introduce to you, a jewelry line of a talented dear friend of mine and her sister, Sindhu Rai and her sister Seema. Niyathi portrays the journey of two sisters in search of perfection in silver handcrafted work. We bring to you not only handpicked vintage silver jewelry but also unique modern designs combining vintage pieces. I asked her how she came up with this line and I am going to type it in her own words - "For as long as we can remember, history has always been one of our favorite subjects in school. We both were utterly fascinated by the tales of our country's tryst with palaces, exotic temples, and enchanting monuments. Vivid images would capture our senses as our teachers waxed eloquent about India's rich heritage and timeless mythological tales. The fact that we grew up in a south Indian home that loved celebrating festivals added to our love for all things traditional. Jewelry is a  part of everybody's life. Like every other girl, we always loved wearing my mother's and grandmother's Jewelry. The common thing between we sisters as we love traditional and vintage things may it be houses, temples, monuments, furniture or anything beautifully handcrafted. Years later, when we had to make a career choice, like most of us would do we both chose business management and engineering, but all through our respective course, there've been umpteen instances where we have passionately wished to see creative designs rather than pie charts and technical drawings. They say that opportunity knocks only once. We are glad that we heard that knock and opened the door to a new career path when the chance to do so presented itself before me. Niyathi is the result of all those years of yearnings to find an outlet for our creativity. It is destiny that led us here and today we are proud owners of the brand. Niyathi means Destiny, which we both strongly believe. Niyathi stands for everything we believe in and it shall remain so." Reading this inspires us all to bring out the inner artist in us, doesn't it? 

I have dedicated this post to Niyathi jewelry! I love every piece that I am wearing here. Wish I could own all one of them. You can shop Niyathi Jewelry on their Instagram or Facebook Page.
In this blog post, I am wearing an asymmetrical top from Sass & Bide which is a luxury designer label in Australia. I wanted to get everything from this store but unfortunately, doesn't come under my budget line. But the silhouettes are beautiful, unique and inspiring. I am wearing a white trousers from Vero Moda(Psst, It is on sale now check the link here) and Yellow peep toes from Zara.

Makeup: You can use any kind of mattifying eye shadows to do a colored liner. Honestly, I do not like colored liners and was always hesitant on playing with it. So this time I somehow gathered the courage to go with something blue. I used my blue eyeshadow from my Kat Von D MetalMatte eyeshadow palette and converted it into a liquid liner using the Mehron Mixing Liquid(You can use any other kind of mixing fluid to make this). The blue liner looked like a breath of fresh air! It is super easy to use as well. You need invest on colored liners, try making one at home using the eyeshadows you have and let me know :)

We had a beautiful shoot day. The sun was perfect and the sky was blue, couldn't ask for more. Rakshith did a great job with the pictures too.

Outfit Details:

Pants: Vero Moda
Peeptoes: Zara
Ripped Jacket : Forever 21
All Earrings: Niyathi Jewellery
Photography By Rakshith Acharya

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. It is one of my favorites since my underwater shoot. Please check out Niyathi Jewelry and you will save a bomb from investing money on big brands :) Thank you for dropping by.


  1. Nanditha Acharya VijeshAugust 14, 2017 at 10:48 PM

    Niyathi has some really nice traditional jewellery and we would love to see you pair it with Ethnic ensambles in one of your future blogs!

    1. They have beautiful pieces nanditakka. I am doing a traditional blog post on them soon :)


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