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Hello my lovelies. I am back with a new post. This blog post is dedicated to my new found love for this Indian curated site with exclusive clothing run by two talented ladies, Jankee and Stuti called FancyPants. Let's admit it, we all love to shop online but we are always dubious about shopping at new sites. Quality and legitimacy matter the most, then we check for how economical it is. I've been following on updates on this site forever but somehow never got a chance to place an order. I must admit, after getting the orders, I cannot help but be overwhelmed with my outfits. The customer service team is extremely courteous and co-ordinate with you to make sure that your order reaches on time.

Outfit 1 : Lately my eyes have been drifting way to any kind of light blues. You will know soon in my later blogposts or my Instagram pics, speaking of which: Have you followed me on Instagram yet ? You should for all my street style pictures , fashion and beauty updates. Look for @twistedcoco on Instagram and yes, thank you for following ;)
Ok back to the outfit. The top is one-shouldered with an exaggerated balloon sleeve. Ruffles streamline along the top on the other side. The top is shorter on the ruffled side . I'm wearing a navy suede Jeggings from Zara here.  I kept the accessories really simple and delicate. The silver arm cuff from Forever21 and a knuckle ring picked up from somewhere I cannot recollect. Bah! I am getting old. I am wearing a silver cat shaped frameless silver sunglasses picked up by my sister from somewhere in the streets of Las Ramblas, Barcelona.
I am carrying the Dionysus GG supreme Mini Bag by Gucci. This bag is a neutral color and goes with literally anything I think. I am also wearing the blue shimmery wedges by Aldo.  I think this was last season. I say this coz I found it when they slashed the price by 60% and I bagged it asap because, who doesn't love wedges that are on sale ? The blue in the shoe doesn't exactly match the outfit. Being a blogger taught me that we do not always have to match our shoes to the bag or the outfit.
Outfit 1 Details
Top : FancyPants
Arm Cuff : Forever 21
Shoes : Aldo
Bag : Gucci
Photography : Rakshith Acharya

The Face : I have been noticing a lot of peachy tones in the beauty industry. Probably coz it's almost spring and we all want some warmth around. Don't we ? I do not have the perfect peach in my stash but I created this beautiful bright peach by mixing two liquid lipsticks. At first I mixed the color Dirty Peach by Kylie Cosmetics which a beautiful mid-tone peach but is too light for my skin tone all by itself. So I applied the color Antwerp by NYX which is a beautiful bright peach but is too translucent. So applying Dirty Peach underneath gives a great texture and makes it look super opaque.

Outfit 2: I purchased this striped co-ordinates along with the top. This outfit comes in a free size because the fabric is strechable. But I did not find it convenient because the top was a bit too tight for my liking. But I loved the feel of the fabric. Just wish they had sizes we could choose from.
The entire outfit was styled along with rose gold accessories. The two layered chain and the two-ring-set was purchased at Collette, which is an Australian brand for accessories. I wish I had rose gold shoes but here, I am managing with a light pink suede shoes from Zara :P.
The Face : I have a gut feeling that this year, glossy and shimmery lipsticks are going to make a huge comeback. So here I am, doing my part by applying the Posie K lip gloss by Kylie Cosmetics. I love Kylie's lipgloss compared to her mattes because they are so pigmented and does not wear away that easy. I used my HudaBeauty Eyeshadow palette to create shimmery pink-y eyes.

Outfit 2 Details:
Top : FancyPants
Sunglasses : FancyPants ( similar here)
Watch and Bag : Michael Kors
Shoes : Zara
Chain and Rings : Colette
Photography : Rakshith Acharya

Which of these two looks did you like most ? I have been super generous with the pictures from former outfit because the timing and the location did too much justice to the outfit. Also I shot the later one when I was feeling the most bloated. I hope that the tips above help you while planning your outfits and makeup :) Some of the pictures shot are absolutely gorgeous and need no editing or enhancement whatsoever, thanks to Rakshith Acharya. He is amazing! Thank you for reading! See you soon. Psst, I am working on a new makeup video. This time with better lighting and non-blurry parts ;) Wish me luck! See you soon. Stay Stylish till then!


  1. Wowwww....beautiful Pavithra..😘😘 as always beauty u 😍😍😍... plz.plz give me.some style tipss.

  2. hii,, thank u so much! I will, can you get back to me on my email( or my instagram handle(@twistedcoco) ? :) xx

  3. You are totally rocking both the looks! I loved the blue top<3

  4. I loved the stripes coordinate. I am a huge fan of black and white!

    1. Thank you <3 me too, so obsessed with black and white .

  5. Loved the blue top! Very well coordinated :)


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