Biege Love

Women can very much relate to a term - Colour weakness. It is one of those basic factors which inspire us to shop more and more. From latest dresses to tops for women, you would definitely find a woman’s closet arrayed in that one particular shade which she can die for. Online shopping for women has even brighter this perspective with the option of filtering, and now all dresses for girls can be categorized for that one particular hue in just a single click.

I won’t say all women have got this style of shopping, but yes, some are definitely die hard fans, who can never ever ignore it. One such person whom I have known since forever is my sister. She can do anything for colour BEIGE. She keeps on waiting for the newest trends, looks for her favourite colour and without wasting much time over it, she immediately buys it.

And guess what? Now, even I have got victimized to that same BEIGE color, all thanks to genes!!! 
It is said that clothing colors portray a lot of emotions. The first impression on people is generally created through our dressing and its colors. I really wonder whether my obsession for color would ever be able to create a good impression on anyone???

I love colors a lot, from all vibrant to dark shades, and even the variety of neutral and lighter tones. My closet has got the pinch of every shade of the rainbow, but one thing that I can’t let go off my eyes is this shade. One of my closet’s section is filled up to its brim in just this shade, which has got all styles of latest dresses designed in it. From Indian suits to all western dresses for girls, I have got all of it. 

Online shopping for women has always proved to be of great help to me in this regard. I have actually bought a number of apparels from Stalkbuylove, particularly in this hue. I simply type my color in their Stalk now Box and the awesomeness are fetched for me by the portal. Let me show you a few pieces of my collection which I have always adored and no matter what, the season or the occasion, I always rock my darling pigmented apparels in my own distinctive way.


These two perfect outfits from my assortment in my very own shade are my favorite. Teaming up with a perfect hairdo, matte neutral makeup, and the classy handbag leaves no stone unturned in leaving an everlasting impression on everyone.

Even for the casual weekend and for my family vacations, I have never missed this hue.


Flaunting latest dresses at parties can never be ignored by women, and so do I in my perfect beige maxi dress which surprises me every time with beautiful compliments. Just a team up with the Mandy white Clutch in Golden shiny Border and Neutral Pumps are enough to polish the overall ensemble.

How did you like my post? Do you love beige the same way as I do ? Don't forget to drop your comments below. Thanks to Debsourabh for clicking my beautiful pictures. Also, don't forget to stop by Happy Shopping!!