Styling Hanan Sidd For an Indian Wedding

December is the season of weddings ! I thought it would be appropriate to style another Indian outfit especially for this season with this extremely modelesque girl, Hanan Sid. Hanan has beautiful features and an amazing body, I can see her going great heights in the future if she continues modelling.

Hanan adorned a Masaba Sari which came with a plain black blouse. When we get bored of wearing the same outfit, it is a good idea to mix and match and not wear the outfit exactly the same way as you did the last time. This way you wont be guilty of repeating. I designed this blouse with a hint of pink to break out from the monotonous yellow border. I'm also kind of obsessed with anything high collared. A sari blouse looks effortlessly elegant with a closed high collar. The back of the blouse is open with clasping in the bottom and the top.

I paired this outfit up with a beautiful pair of silver chandbalis from Amrapali. The pink in the blouse will look out of place if you do not match it with your accessories. The easy game of accessorising was to start with a pink bindi. I also matched it with a set of pink, black and golden bangles each. Bangles always look better if you are wearing atleast two dozens of them, basically it should take over half the forearm. The blouse has a lot going on so I chose to keep the neck bare. We know how we can experiment with matchless accessories for western wear but it is just the opposite for Indian. The more matchy they are, the better they look.

As for the face, it was kept very simple. Hanan has beautiful eyes, so I highlighted it with neutrals and browns which will go well with any and every outfit. I used lighter colours on the inner corners and extended to the outer corners with darker browns. I topped this off with some liner and mascara. I have the same shade of lipstick as the pink in the sari, this is a beautiful shade from Mac named Full Fuchsia.

Outfit Details : 
Sari : Masaba
Blouse : Self designed
Earrings : Amrapali
Lipstick : MAC Full fuchsia
Photography By Debsourabh Ghosh

How did you like this look on Hanan? I loved styling her, she was super fun and its so easy to make her look prettier than she already is. And this blogpost has a special shoutout for my photographer, Debsourabh , we was simply amazing. I am in love with every single pic from this blogpost. Thank you Deb and Hanan for making this one of my favorite blogposts of all times. I will be posting the next blog post by the end of the week so stay tuned :)


  1. This is the first time I see an Indian bride. It's quiet impressive. The most part of my life I spent in LA and I saw numerous of weddings and brides, especially at our wedding haircut and makeup salon, so I've never seen Indian weddings before and I'm a little bit shocked. You guys have a great culture legacy, it's amazing. Would be great to see more photos of you.

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