The Monochromed Caped Crusader

This post is dedicated to my love for capes. This cape especially is super multi-functional. I can westernise it, wear it over indian clothes like saris or draped skirts and it would look lovely. This time I paired it up with leather pants which I have been obsessing over lately. I was wandering around aimlessly in Splash and I found this cape. They also have one in black which also looked really pretty. Choosing between black and white is always hard. I usually associate whites to morning events and black to night events, and I could only picture this worn under the bright sunny sky, hence the selection. These were priced at Rs 2200 only. The embroidery is handmade so I think it was quite a good deal.

These faux leather pants are from Forever New. I love the fit. It sticks to your body without making you feel uncomfortable. Remember Ross's leather pants episode from Friends ? I have been always dreading to try out leather ever since. But after trying out these pants, I have changed my mind.
 Since the focus of the look was the cape, I decided to keep the accessorising on the lighter side. I wore a black bangle bracelet from H&M and a starfish ring picked up from a gypsy store in Venice. This reminds me to announce the opening of the first H&M store in India in New Delhi, yay! You can also shop H&M online here.
These open toe booties are my current goto shoes. So comfortable and goes with all my outfits. Find them in Forever 21 priced at Rs.1650 only.

 The focus on my face today is the ever-so-dark eyebrows. I used a black eyeshadow and an eyebrow brush to fill in the gaps in my brows. This tiny addition to your face can make you look completely different, for the better or the worse. Overdoing it will definitely mean worse, I've ended up looking like a drag queen so many times and I had to wash my face to do it all over again :D

Outfit Details :
Cape : Splash
Top : Zara
Pants : Forever New
Shoes : Forever 21
Bracelet : H&M
Photography by Debsourabh Ghosh

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