Monsoon Essentials

As the last few raindrops touch the ground around this side of the world, I know I am a tad too late to write this post. But here are a few tips and tricks I've got mostly by experience and some age old remedies passed on by generations on how to survive the monsoon.
1.Always keep your leather and suede dry and safe. Wrap those expensive leather bags in a dry muslin cloth or a dust bag. Never keep it exposed to dampness. This may result a green dry patches of fungus all over the bags and shoes. Also this is quite itchy. And even if you tend to use them during the rains, wipe them out thoroughly and blow dry it in case it gets wet.
2. Always step out wearing Rubber or PVC shoes. Do not use any other kind of shoes else during the rains. Running shoes and leather shoes start to smell bad after a certain point when damp. Wear open toed shoes if you are wearing them the whole day so that your shoes dry if they are soaked in water.
3. Never wear WHITE. This is the basic rule. There are so many times I've worn white and regretted it instantly during rainy season. White gets translucent when you get drenched and the chances of it getting dirty while walking around is really high.
4. Always carry a pocket umbrella in your tote, this is just easier to maintain and also can come in handy when it is too sunny.
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5. During the rains, the skin is prone to allergies and diseases like eczema. So always make it a point to wash your hands, legs and face as soon as you get home. Also keep your skin hydrated and moisturised.
6. Wear waterproof makeup during the day. And try to keep it light. Avoid foundation and heavy makeup. I normally stick to waterproof eyeliner and lipstick.
7. Your hair is prone to dandruff when your wet hair is tied up, immediately dry it off when your hair gets wet during the rains. Also this will avoid the damp odour coming out of your rain soaked hair.
8. The skin needs a lot of care during the rain. Just because it is cloudy, doesn't mean that you can skip out sunscreen.
9. Increase the frequency of oiling your hair during the monsoon.
Thats all for now folks. Hope this post helps you prep for the next monsoon atleast. Have a good monsoon. See you soon. Next post will be up next week. I know I've delayed this post extremely. Promise to post next week. Till then, keep it stylish !


  1. Great tips Pavi! I agree with wrapping those leather shoes and bags in a muslin cloth.

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