The Summer Monochrome Epiphany

There is something about summer ! Though I hate the weather, I love the bright lively feel that breezes along with it. Summers are about florals and colorplay and bringing out brights. But when the eyes get sore, we need a break from all it. That is when we stick to our favorite blacks and whites. But never make it feel too flat, use more of whites than blacks during summer. 

Maxi Tshirt dresses with thigh high slits are making it big this summer. I love the trend, you can wear it with runners to pull a sport chic look. I chose this black stripes white long tshirt dress from Zara, I love the loose sleeves but they accentuate my thunder arms, they suit people with smaller shoulders and thinner arms better. So I wore this polka print pondi jacket by Masaba which was being stored in my closet for a longest time. Pondi jackets by Masaba are comparatively lighter on the pockets compared to the rest of the outfits made by her, the price of the jackets start from Rs 2600. Surprisingly the polka print blended well with the pin striped dress. The dress is almost bodycon from the stomach and lower.  The top has a jersey fit. Always carry your sunnies around during the summer. Round shaped sunnies are making it big this season.

I carried a Limited Edition Jimmy Choo peace hobo bag which has golden star shaped studs in the form of the peace sign. Hobos are super handy, you can dump a lot of stuff inside it. Along with the monochrome outfit, I wore a black and white H&M brogues and believe it or not, these brogues are at least 4 years old! It is almost worn off though, but I shall use it until it breaks into two. The necklace is a  strappy leather chain with pearls and handcuff links. An offbeat yet beautiful piece by Lanvin for H&M. On the hands, I'm wearing leather bracelets and spikes with my White Gc watch and my 3 finger studded ring on the right.

Lately I’ve been a big fan of face contouring. It accentuates your cheekbones and also makes the nose look narrower. Kim Kardashian’s makeup involves a lot of contouring. In fact, I have never seen her without it. To achieve the same, all you need is nude pallet of colours, foundation, some blending brushes and a little bit of patience. There are a lot of tutorials online, but this one the simplest : here. This time, I used some highlighters and brown lipsticks to give a conturing effect on my face. I m still an amateur at this but here are a few tips, always see that you use a primer before doing this, this way the make up stays in place a little longer. I use the Laura Mercier foundation primer  with the Mac Mineralize Skinfinish in the EarthShine shade which a blend of earthy tones and shimmer. These highlighters are multipurpose, it can be used on the eyes, or lightly dusted it all over your face to give the skin a sunkissed look, or can be used on the cheekbones as I did this time. The second tip is to make a pout and stand under a bright light and color the hollows of your cheeks. Thirdly, see that your under eyes are always concealed with a lighter shade.  On the lips, I wore a Estee Pure Lip Color Shade : Mystic Mauve No. 67. I love Estee Lauder for highly moisturised and sheen lipsticks, they smell like berries too. 

The hair was tied up as a messy bun. It is easier to use a donut to do this, trust me it is easier to create messy bun than a neat one, especially when you have long hair. To add a pop of color, I wore a green rose shaped headband.

This time we had a shoot in The Bluewaters, Manipal. One of the coolest lounges to hang out during the weekends. Naeera was exceptional once again! PS : These are a few last shoots with her, as she is going out of udupi in a few months. Lots of love and luck to you Naeera on your future endeavours. Finding a good photographer is going to be one hell of a task now.  

Outfit Details : 
T-shirt dress with slits : Zara
Jacket : Masaba
Lips : Mystic Mauve EL (Similar here )
Necklace : Lanvin for H&M
Spiked Bracelet : Stradivarius 
Black strapp Bracelet : Accessorize
Watch : Gc 
Ring and Brogues : H&M
Bun : Accesorize
Sunnies : Asos ( Similar here )
Photography : Naeera Ali

Anyhoo, how did you like the outfit ? Please leave a message below. I would love to style any of you just for fun if you are interested. Thanks a lot for reading!


  1. I know you used the Jacket like a cover up but going by your last pic (Your arms look jst fine) I think You should have just skipped it
    (I personally feel its adding bulk) and same goes for that Bag.. It was just not required.

    1. yeah, i noticed it after i read your comment. Thanks for the valuable feedback. If you are "The Sartorialist", I'm honoured that you read my posts :-)

  2. Hey pavi!! I never thought these long t-shirt dresses would look good but you totally rocked it. And contouring is really the thing that I have been wanting to try.

    1. thank u fiona! t-shirt dresses are very trendy this season. And I'm waiting for u to try contouring and put it up on the blog. Need some serious tips with the use of cosmetics available in India :)


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