The Beach Essentials

The Beach Essentials

The Beach Essentials by twistedcoco

I went on a beach holiday to Goa a week ago which made me come up with an idea to write this post. Swaddling up for a beach holiday is always exciting but there are too many details you cannot miss and things can go totally wrong when you do.Here is my list of mandatory things to carry. 

  1.  Swimwear : This should be the most important thing in you bag. It is my favourite piece of clothing. If I had a bikini body, I would be wearing it everywhere. Probably that is why I don’t have one. I love the bikinis in Triangl and the cut out swimsuits in Shivan and narresh. Triangl bikinis ships internationally although it does not have free shipping.  Besides that, I also love the collection in asos. The swimwear in S&N is definitely 'buy atleast one in your lifetime’ material. They are so unique and screams Shivan and narresh. Unless you have the luxury to buy Agent Provocateur bikinis, I suggest this would be the best option. Looking forward for the Summer’15 swimwear collection this year.  
  2.  Coverups, Shorts / Kaftan / Sarongs : When you carry a bikini, You don’t wanna wear too many clothes over it until you hit the beach. Or you might just want to play around in shorts just in case you are not too comfortable with the people around the beach. Kaftans are always the best option since they are super light and airy and they dry of quickly too. 
  3. Sunglasses : Beach, Sun, Sand and Sunglasses. Nothing more to say, try to carry the funkiest and the brightest one in your closet. 
  4.  Hats : Always carry hats which are lighter in color since darker colours absorb more heat. Straw hats are the best because they are the ones that need least maintenance. The wider the hat is, the lesser you get tanned, that is if you do not wanna get tanned. 
  5. Sunscreens and Moisturisers : Never ever step out of the house without getting completely sun screened. Normally sunscreens have a very sticky and thick texture which makes your skin feel rubbery and sticky. So always moisturise your skin before applying sunscreen even if it says the sunscreen included it, doing this will make your sunscreen will feel a lot lighter on your skin. I always choose to carry an aloe moisturiser because it has a very fresh and a pleasing aroma which will omit the strong medicinal smell of your sunscreen. It always helps to carry sunscreens which range between SPF 25 to SPF 50 when you are under the sun for long duration and it is even better if it is waterproof since there will be a lot of sweating involved even if you are not getting into the water. I've been a big fan of clinique sunscreens because they are not oily and leaves you with minimum tan. The only drawback is that they are not waterproof.
  6. Accessories : Always carry some delicate lightweight accessories which go with your swimwear, preferably earrings, bracelets and headbands preferably whichever involves less metal because metals tend to discolour on contact with water. 
  7. Silicon phone cover : I can’t tell you how important it is to carry a rubber/silicon phone cover instead of a fancy or a delicate one. When you wanna use your phone in the beach or have had a little too many cocktails under the sun or even if you drop it down, sand particles seem to get stuck inside your phone covers and if it is a hard cover, they will rub against your shiny phones if it goes unnoticed and leave a lot of starches at the back which you will end up noticing only when you remove your phone cover. So it is better to not carry a cover or just carry a rubber case. 
  8. Beach towel : This is for after getting into the beach or emergency picnic parties at the beach or if there are no sun beds lying around your beach. Forever handy. The key is to carry the beach towel from your hotel for a lighter travel experience. 
  9. Wet tissues : A mix of water, moisturiser and sunscreen will end up leaving you sticky and tired. Always carry wet tissues to make you feel fresh instantly. 
  10. Cheek tint and bright lipsticks : It is the beach! Go on, get your bright bolds tropical colours out of the box. Cheek tints go well with your tan and makes you look fresh and dewy skinned. You can also carry waterproof mascara, it gives a beautiful wet effect when worn without a liner. 
  11. Slippers : Slippers are the only footwear that are compatible with sand and water. Everything else is just too uncomfortable for the beach. They dry off quickly too, unless they are made of jute or cloth. 
  12. Aloe Vera Gel / Multipurpose cream : This is for emergencies, sunburns, cuts or animal stings which you are highly prone to get when you are at the beach. Aloe Vera gel disseminates a cooling effect and takes care of all such circumstances. 
  13. Razor / Shaver : I think I don't need to explain why this is important. Most of us are just too busy with our lives that we tend to forget to make a visit to the parlour just before the we leave for a vacation. 
  14. Wet Bikini Bag : It is best to carry a wet cloth bag or at least a polythene bag for your wet clothes when you get out the beach. 
I hope you find this post handy during your next beach holiday. Have a lovely day!


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