Haylights : The Gilded Boho

Ooh this location! I’m in love with it. Udupi and Manipal have such beautiful landscapes around. Last week I was scouting for a nice place to have my next shoot. And right beside the Manipal temple, I found this empty space of land with lovely tall dry grass which just made me think of this outfit.  I’m not aiming for a completely bohemian look, but just for a vibe. I wanted to keep a part of my personality alive by partly going boho. May be I will go completely bohemian next time :). I bought this dotted Zara dress from Zara Bangalore a few months ago. It might still be available for purchase me thinks. The Butterfly Maxi Lace Kimono is an impulsive buy from f21. I have been searching for something like this since ages and was ecstatic when I found one on the Forever 21 website, and guess what, it is maxi too. It is out of stock online, but may be you can find them at the not so virtual stores.
  As for the accessories, the brass gold bracelet is an old buy from mango. These leather accessories is something I put together, all from Accesorize . The hand harness is a buy from the most unique boutique besides Gunpowder called People Tree in Assagao, Goa. What makes People Tree so unique is that, you can find the weirdest stuff here, and anything you can't think of. For example, they have an umbrella which looks exactly like a bat. I love their website too, check it here. The necklace is an old buy from Zara as well. I love how the hints for green and blue in the necklace go so well with the rest of the earthy colours around me. Please excuse me for my bare nails. This may be considered as a major fashion Faux Pas, but sometimes I really do not have the time to groom my nails or give them anything other than a nail cut. Besides, most nail polishes wear off in a day or two. I really like to get gel nails done when I go to Bangalore because that is the only thing which stays on my nails. 
As for the sunglasses, they are the round metal lenons from Ray Ban which have lightly tinted lens. I’m really obsessed with Ray Bans. I’m tempted to buy one each time a new range is out. Currently crushing on the Erika Velvet Edition. The boots are literally vintage because I do not remember buying them. One of oldest shoes I own and also the one I rarely use because the weather here just makes it impossible for anything but open toed shoes or sandals. The weaved bag is a buy from H&M, Istanbul again. This bag makes the look for me. I love the bag but there is hardly space for anything else to store except money or keys.

The lipstick worn here is a mix of Elegant rouge( No. 18) from Givenchy Rouge Inderdit Collection and Mac Cyber. Cyber is of darkest shade of violet and the Elegant Rouge is a burgundy, almost similar to Sonam Kapoor's Garnet shade from the Loreal pure red collection.  When you mix the two, you get a beautiful chocolate brown without a hint of purple or red. Mac lipsticks stay longer and Givenchy Rouge Interdit gives the perfect lustre and moisture required for the lips. My hair was untamed and unconditioned as it can get too shiny straight and look groomed otherwise. This made it blend well with the color of the dry grass around too. I have to give lots of credit to my photographer friend, Miss Naeera Ali, she has done an incredible job as usual.

Summarizing my looks:
Dress, Necklace : Zara
Kimono : Forever 21
Sunglasses : Rayban
Leather Bracelets : Accesorize
Hand harness : People Tree
Brass Bracelet : Mango
Bag : H&M 
Lipstick : Mac Cyber, Givenchy Rouge 18
Photography By Naeera Ali

Hope y’all liked how I styled this look. Tell me what you think about this look .
Have a great day ! 


  1. Pretty pretty pretty! Love your dress Pavi!❤️

  2. Loveeeee this look pavi... the dress the bag the glasses .. all of it!!!

  3. Loveeeee this look pavi... the dress the bag the glasses .. all of it!!!

  4. Nice brass bracelet !! U look pretty :) near manipal?? Wer exact...nice photoshoot!!

    1. Thank you srinidhi. :) it is right next to the planetarium, opposite venugopal temple.

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