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5 Ways to Style Power Suits

Even though a coordinated suit set is one of the wardrobe staples, I never owned one up to date. Frankly speaking, I never thought there was a need for one in this super war( hot rather) city, but boy was I wrong. Last Summer I saw a wave of candy-colored suits being released by every brand and I thought, it would be the right time to invest in one. Moreover, the current-gen has vetoed formal wear at work, and it is a great thing coz you are allowed to wear whatever your mind says you to. When you buy a suit set, it is really important to keep in mind that the fit and the material is quite important. A badly fitted suit can be so wrong for you.
Also when you make a decision of getting one, buy the one that suits your persona. You would have to think about factors like shoulder pads- if you need one with it or not, the style of the lapel and the pockets and the button placement and most importantly, the fit of the pant, if you want tapered pants, bell fit, anti-fit, etc. For example, …

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